Dokan Blog

Dokan Library is a product interface for Windows that bring the capacity to make Virtual Record Framework without composing your own particular gadget driver that required Windows Portion learning. This is accomplished by running record framework code in client space while the Dokan portion driver decipher the solicitation Windows Bit.

Dokan is free programming initially discharged under the terms of the LGPL and MIT.

It additionally offers a similarity with Wire document framework by utilizing a wrapper that can be work with Cygwin and MinGW.

The Dokan Library task was initially made and kept up by Hiroki Asakawa from 2007 to 2011.

It has been kept up from 2011 to 2014 by the group with various fork.

Since 2014, the venture is exceptionally kept up by Adrien J. also, Maxime C. with the fork Dokany and nimbly code marked by the organization ISLOG.

Dokan is particularly useful for writing Virtual File System without requiring Windows Kernel knowledge. It gives you the ability to mount a virtual hard drive that contains whatever the developer wants to show. It can be absolutely virtual like a memory files like a ram disk or it can show remote data like FTP, SSH, Samba, DataBase, ... as local storage that can be listed, read, written and delete.

The content of the File system it totally hackable by the developer using Dokan. The limit is only his imagination and the implementation.